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Introducing EZ Web

Edit Your Own Website
Many of our clients come to us asking "How can I edit my website once it is complete?" Our Content Management System allows you to manage your own website content, which ultimately save you money on maintenance costs.

EZ-Web Content Management System is a complete, feature-rich content management application designed by JARDS Enterprises, Ltd.

By using powerful Server Technology, EZ-Web offers a scalable solution that is efficient, affordable and most of all EZ to use.

Affordable! Content management Systems come in many shapes and sizes: They can be huge or small, simple or very complex. They range from the very expensive, hundreds of thousands of dollars for enterprise systems, to a few thousand dollars. At JARDS, we realized they are all based on the same idea: Content management allows designers to focus on design by building templates while subject experts build content in a separate environment such as a word processor. The server takes the content, inserts it into the correct template and sends it all, neatly wrapped up, to end users. With this realization, we have developed plans and packages that are tailored to your businesses needs removing the high costs involved with other off the shelf content management systems.

EZ! With EZ-Web, anyone can manage a complete web site with simple point and click ease - no programming, html or graphic design skills are necessary. Whether you want a simple site that tells the world about your business, or a more sophisticated site that provides news, polls, and gathers data from your customers, EZ-Web allows you to quickly and easily update your site. Efficient! With EZ-Web, you are in complete control of your business' web presence and can change it whenever and wherever you want!
So EASY even a child can do it!  Easy to use, easy to view, easy for you!
Imagine: FRESH content everyday! The buzzword for this concept is "content management." You can even give different people control over various sections of your site! This spreading of responsibility eliminates one of the common bottlenecks with traditional web maintenance: every miniscule update is ultimately done by one person.

Feature-Rich! Below is a comprehensive list of features for our content management software. Please contact us to find out how we can help you manage your business. General: Username and password protected, so only you have access to your website Multi-user support, so more than one user can modify your website with the ability to specify different directories for each user No client software needed to maintain Manage your entire website or webpage from your browser, anywhere, anytime! No slow downloading applets or components

Graphical User Interface: Simple to use Everything is Point and click No programming skills required No Technical Knowledge required Online help system Complete File Manager: Specify specific extensions of files to modify View, Edit, Rename or Delete files Create NEW files based on pre-defined templates Ability to specify non-editable file types, meaning you can upload, rename and delete (but not edit) any type of file, eg. Flash, MPEG, PDF, BMP etc Upload your OWN files and place in directory Browse through directories WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

Editor: Edit your files using a simple point and click Interface What you edit is how your website will look Click, save, and your changes are viewable INSTANTLY! If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use our CMS Adjust font type, color, size, formatting (bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript) Paragraph Formatting Insert Numbered and Ordered lists Insert and modify TABLES Add Columns, Rows, and Column spans Modify Table Cells, background color, width and alignment Complete StyleSheet (CSS) Support Insert / Modify Forms, text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, text areas and hidden fields. CUT & PASTE from Microsoft Word Clean HTML code, allows you to clean HTML code copied from other editors such as Microsoft Word Change your webpage background colour, text colour, links colour, visited links colour and active link colour Modify your page title, description and keywords Insert, resize and delete images Page preview Switch between HTML and Text modeAdvanced users, EDIT your HTML code directly!

Complete Image Manager: Insert images into your website easily View, Insert, Delete or Rename images Upload your OWN images from your harddrive Browse through recursive directories Create, rename and delete directories