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EZ Web Editor

Here is a description of the various functions available on the toolbar.

  1. Use the first drop-down to set the font style.
    Just select the text you wish to change, the select the font family from the drop-down.
  2. The second drop-down will change thw font size of the selected text.
  3. The third drop-down has predetermined values assigned that will change the font
    size, family, and color of the selected text.
  4. Bold text Applies the BOLD attribute to selected text.
  5. Italic text Applies the Italic attribute to selected text.
  6. underlined text Applies the underlined attribute to selected text.
  7. Striked text Applies the Striked attribute to selected text.
  8. Subscript text Applies the subscript attribute to selected text.
  9. Super Script text Applies the super script attribute to selected text.
  10. align text left Sets alignment of content to the left.
  11. align text center Sets alignment of content to the center.
  12. align text right Sets alignment of content to the right.
  13. numbered list Inserts a numbered list.
  14. bulleted list Inserts a bulleted list.
  15. indent less Decreases line indent.
  16. indent more Increases line indent.
  17. foreground color Use to change the color of selected text.
  18. background color Use to change the background color of a selected area.
  19. horizontal rule Inserts a "horizontal rule (line) where the cursor is located.
  20. insert link Insert a hyper link.
  21. insert image Insert a image (graphic).
  22. insert table Insert a table.
  23. view HTML source code Click on this button to view the HTML source code.
    Click on it a second time and you are returned to original textarea.
  24. about editor Information about editor.
  25. editor help Editor Help (this page).
  26. enlarge editor Enlarge Editor, opens a new window.