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Company History

JARDS Art was established in 1986 by Richard D. Ferguson.  It was registered as an art business in 1986.  Shawn M. Ferguson, Richard's oldest son, re-established JARDS in 1998 as a computer services company.  In 2006, Shawn reorganized the business as a Limited Liability Company in Ohio with the trade name JARDS Enterprises, Ltd.  There are currently 6 members of the company with one managing member.

Company Ownership 

JARDS is a privately held limited liability company founded by the owner, Shawn M. Ferguson. There are currently six members of the organization and each hold company units.   Shawn Ferguson is the managing member that is solely responsible for any profits or loses obtained by the company. 

Company Locations and Facilities

JARDS has two locations:

These location includes service department and a development office.

Management Summary

Our management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. People who work at JARDS want to work at there because JARDS has an environment that encourages creativity and rewards achievement. JARDS has a participatory management style.  Having a participatory management style allows us to seek our employees ideas and included them in the decision making process which in turn creates confidence and good communication with the employee and employer.